On Friday, 23 March 2018, the European Commission – Development & Cooperation – EuropeAid organized a Strategic meeting with #diaspora groups on SDGs, Investment and entrepreneurship.This meeting was a response to the call of the African Diaspora Network in Europe since its participation to the Policy Forum on Development, to establish a framework of consultation and exchange between the European Union and the Diaspora as a specific and important actors in development cooperation… After a whole day of discussions  with different Diaspora Groups from the Europe;  this meeting produced some key recommendations in order to shorten the distance between EU and diaspora and leverage their potential  to sustainable development of home countries. Among the recommendations are:  • Strengthen and support the coordination and networking functions of diaspora groups, including supporting platforms where diaspora from all over the world can exchange good practices and share challenges: =>Facilitate and simplify the access of Diaspora organizations to the European  Commission´s grants and call for proposals.=> Set up a permanent platform for exchange on i) human capital, ii) knowledge and skills iii) finance.

• Engage with different diaspora groups: 

=> Support training of diaspora #youth, as youth should be considered not as a beneficiary but as an activity provider;

=>Female diaspora, taking into account the increasing number of female migrants; 

=>Senior diaspora, taking into account their experience/source of funding and possible role in conflict resolution.

=>Facilitate exchange between diaspora groups and their countries of origin.

=>Explore ways of connecting (highly) skilled diaspora with opportunities in their respective home countries (coaching/mentoring). 

=>Set up an ‘African Diaspora skills database’ ( started by ADNE) and enhance cooperation on DEVCO project implementation. 

The meeting was concluded by Mrs Marie Chantal Uwitonze, President of the African Diaspora Network in Europe and Mr. Stéfano Manservisi, Director General of the European Commission.  Diaspora Groups and individuals willing to contribute to this Dialogue can reach ADNE Secretariat  through    

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