Joint Declaration of African Diaspora organizations for the Valletta Summit on Migration

Brussels, 9th November 2015

We, the representatives of African Diaspora organizations: 

  • having regard to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948;
  • having regard to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union;
  • having regard to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms;
  • having regard to the Geneva Convention of 1951 and the additional protocol thereto;
  • having regard EU resolution of 9 October 2013 on measures to tackle the flow of refugees from Syria;
  • having regard to its resolution of 23 October 2013 on the Lampedusa Tragedy;
  • having regard to the Commission Communication on the work of the Task Force Mediterranean of 4 December 2013;
  • having regard to the Rabat (11 July 2006) and the Khartoum (November 2014) processes dealing with policy dialogues with countries along the western migratory and the eastern migratory routes adopted in the framework of EU cooperation with Africa on migration”;
  • having regard to its resolution of 29 April 2015 on the latest tragedies in the Mediterranean and EU migration and asylum policies;
  • having regard to the Commission’s European Agenda on Migration of 13 May 2015;
  • having regard to the European Parliament resolution of 10 September 2015 on migration and refugees;
  • having regard to the European Council conclusions on Migration of 12 October 2015;
  • having regard to the conclusions of the Meeting on the Western Balkans Migration Route of 25 October 2015;
  1. considering the article 3 (q) of the protocol on amendments to the constitutive act of the African Union which invite and encourage the full participation of the African Diaspora as an important part of  the Continent;
  2. considering that at the roots of “forced migration” are conflicts, human rights violation, weaknesses in terms of governance, political persecutions, persistent poverty, discriminations etc…;
  3. considering that other causes of migration include weak urbanisation policy, extreme poverty in the rural areas– movement from rural to townships; and weak health care systems;
  4. whereas 86% of refugees worldwide are hosted by developing countries and non EU Member States ( Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Chad, Uganda), with extremely limited resources;
  5.  whereas Peace, Security, Economic competitiveness, access to public service good governance, democracy, the respect human rights are keys for human development,
  6. whereas an efficient migration policy should be closely connected with interdependent dimensions mainly development issues, conflicts and humanitarian interventions, peace building processes, trade and investment policies, foreign and security policies;
  7. considering the situation of refugees at European borders;
  8. whereas international refugee protection is a fundamental Right and a moral duty for the all States;
  9. considering the needs in terms of integration of migrants and asylum seekers.
  10. considering that African Union, in its protocol on the amendment to the Constitutive Act of 2003, recognizes the Diaspora as the ‘sixth region’ of Africa.
  11. considering the contribution of the Diaspora to the devolpment of Africa and the impact of diaspora remittances. 

Request to the European Union and Member States to:

  1. recognize migration as a positive phenomenon for economic development of both countries of origin and hosting countries.
  2. recognize and facilitate the role of migrants and Diasporas to sustainable development in both their countries of origin and destination; support the creation of collabolative platforms to leverage their untapped potential for job creation and entrepreneurship, capacity building, financing for development, knowledge, skills and technology transfer at the service of sustainable development of home countries;
  3. address root causes of irregular migration flows; strengthen the development cooperation and invest in instruments that promote economic independence, human development, and sustainable peace in developing countries;
  4. Mainstream Migration into development planning and associate Diasporas in policy making and implementation processes;
  5. Strengthen the rescue operations at the European maritime borders and foster cooperation with transit countries;
  6. further support the African Facility for Peace to improve stability on the continent;
  7. elaborate an approach that respects Human Rights of refugees and respect the right of those who are still seeking asylum;
  8. support the displaced in developing countries to rebuild their lives, access jobs;
  9. support the development of greater analytical and research capacity in developing countries to inform policy responses;
  10. create and guarantee acceptable and human reception capacities that take into account the most vulnerable mainly children, women, unaccompanied minors and infirmed;
  11. work on creating legal channels for labour migration and promote circular migration including seasonal labor migration;
  12. ensure peace processes and facilities evoke a gender balance leadership;
  13. reassess Practical Modalities that become obstacles for family reunification;
  14.  guarantee to asylum seekers the right to work during the review of their asylum demands;
  15. guarantee equal access of migrants to the labor market by facilitating the recognition of diploma and facilitating their access to education and training opportunities and fighting against discrimination in employment and the workplace;
  16. provide basic services for the young refugees and asylum seekers in the area of health such as Trauma and dealing with transition difficulties;
  17. Create funding mechanisms to faciltate the contribution of Diasporas to development;
  18. Support the creation of database for diaspora experts their contribution to the capacity buildin and job creation in their home countries.

 Request to the African Union and all African Countries to:

  1. get fully involved in the search for solutions for forced Migration;
  2. strengthen the relationship with African diaspora, facilitate and encourage diaspora investments in the development of their home lands;
  3. support the creation of collabolative platforms at national and continental levels to leverage the untapped potential of Diaspora for job creation and entrepreneurship, capacity building, financing for development, knowledge, skills and technology transfer at the service of sustainable development of african countries;
  4. promote good governance and economic development; address the economic root causes of migration mainly low wages, social inequalities, unemployment, rural underdevelopment, environmental threats, demographic factors, poverty and establish appropriate national multi-stakeholder mechanisms that include all national and external forces mainly civil society, private sector, women and Diasporas;
  5. urgently work towards moving beyond Aid Dependency and promote policies and actions that allow human development mainly the optimal management of natural resources, sound fiscal policies, responsible and win-win trade, investments and gender based development…;
  6. toughen actions for peace and security, conflict prevention and conflict management by focusing on the fight against the profound causes of conflicts mainly political persecutions, poor governance, discrimination and corruption, human rights violations;
  7. step up efforts in promoting democracy, good governance and the rule of law, peaceful and fair electoral processes;
  8. ensure peace processes and facilities evoke a gender balance leadership;
  9. foster educational systems and youth employment and youth entrepreneurship and encourage among citizens, mainly youth, the spirit of responsibility and ownership of their destiny;
  10. explore, identify and implement country specific programs that reduce the impact of remittances and target reduction of poverty that can lead to greater health and education expenditures;
  11. Promote regional integration to facilitate intra-African trade and free movement of persons; Request to the United Nations to:
  12. strengthen multilateral cooperation in the areas of Migration;
  13. mainstream Migration into development planning and recognize diasporas as important development actors;
  14. promote the respect the rights of all migrants mainly the most vulnerable.
  15. promote practical action to increase the benefits of migration for countries of origin, destination, and migrants alike, while reducing its economic and human costs;
  16. strengthen cooperation instruments in the areas of humanitarian aid, conflict prevention and peace building and sustainable development.
NamesOrganisationCountry of originHost Country
Marie Chantal UwitonzeAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)RwandaBelgium
Doreen Walsweer-SoreAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)KenyaBelgium
Christella MusaninyangeAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)BurundiFrance
Latifa Aït-BaalaAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)MoroccoBelgium
Dr. Chinedu MadichieAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)NigeriaUnited Kingdom
Sangwa RwabuhihiAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)RwandaGermany
Guggi LaryeaAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)GhanaBelgium
Henri Désiré N’ZouziAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)DRCongoBelgium
Christian OfiliAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)NigeriaBelgium
Mamadou Alpha DialloAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)SenegalBelgium
Christian SebanyamboAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)RwandaBelgium
Erika KanezaAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)BurundiBelgium
Manel MsalmiAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)TunisiaBelgium
Alexis IndengeAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)DRCongoBelgium
Mika DialloCercle des Etudiants Guinéens en BelgiqueGuineaBelgium
Aya KasasaConsultantDRCongoBelgium
Gaston DjiguemdeBurkina FasoNetherlands
Indira Yanni-DomingoIndirâh Events & CommunicationBeninFrance
Siméon NdayeAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)DRCongoBelgium
Rose Marie Louise SimbaAfrikaOase Luxembourg
Bajat Myriam,Association NISSAMoroccoBelgium
Ngandu LouiseAndreattah Chuma
Aire de Femmes asblPoetRDCongoBotswanaBelgiumBelgium
Mokhtari HassanForum des Belgo-Marocains,MoroccoBelgium
El Bouharrouti HassanEuromed-CDCMoroccoBelgium
Edwige Marcelle AbenaAPEDEF asblCameroonBelgium
Léon Balapukayi KambaNETEVE asblDRCongoBelgium
Christian LiongoAfrica Rise asblDRCongoBelgium
Maureen DuruFood Bridge vzwNigeriaBelgium
Albert MukulumaniFédération Congolaise de BruxellesDRCongoBelgium
Ghislain Bertin ZobiyoBiP MediaCamerounBelgium
Margo SeneDSP-AfriqueSenegalFrance
Steve MambouDSP-AfriqueCameroonFrance
Madany TallDSP-AfriqueSenegalFrance
Grâce NkoukaDSP-AfriqueCongo RepublicFrance
Joséphine Eyoum-MoundiDSP-AfriqueCameroonFrance
Tania AkindesIndirâh Events & CommunicationBeninFrance
Graziella YanniIndirâh Events & CommunicationBeninFrance
Cosme Zinsou QuenumIndirâh Events & CommunicationBeninFrance
Hafsah ShuaibIndirâh Events & CommunicationNigeriaUnited Kingdom
Amir YanniStudentNigeriaUnited Kingdom
Nvenakeng Suzanne AwungThe Forgotten Green HeroesCameroonBelgium
Christiane VillaçaIndirâh Events & CommunicationBeninUnited Kingdom
Fanny Laure MunezeroRwandan Diaspora in FranceRwandaFrance
Camille VillaçaIndirâh Events & CommunicationBeninItaly
William MatheyConsultantCameroonFrance
Saleha PinhornProfessional language Coach & Language Immersion at Can Speak FrenchAlgeriaUnited Kingdom
Juliette TchuenbouAMAFFCameroonFrance
Paul KananuraThe Mandela InstitutRwandaFrance
Kiane KeitaKocoon ArtIvory CoastFrance
Marie-Jo DioulloConsultantIvory CoastFrance
Adolphe MundereRwandan Diaspora in GermanyRwandaGermany
James OloloKenya Exparts vzwKenyaBelgium
Frederique De MeiderosNovi RecrutementIvory CoastFrance
Elizabeth NwankwoNigerians in Diaspora Organisations in Belgium and Luxembourg (NIDOE-BeluxNigeriaBelgium
Fatima ZouineIndirâh Events & CommunicationMoroccoFrance
Nella MehissouDSP-AfriqueBeninFrance
Pulchérie NyinawaseRwandan Diaspora in Belgium (DRB-Rugari)RwandaBelgium
Nadège SilouDSP-AfriqueCongo RepublicFrance
Norbert NsabimanaConsultant-Formateur-Coach at NEXT STEP HRRwandaBelgium
Binta SagnaAfrica Rise asblSenegalBelgium
Chris TossouIndirâh Events & CommunicationBeninFrance
Clarisse IngabireRwandaItalie
Mohamed LyAFCAOMauritaniaFrance
Pape GuisseIndirâh Events & CommunicationSenegalFrance
Yves RurangirwaRwandan Diaspora in Belgium (DRB-Rugari)RwandaBelgium
Pascaline Kasongo FezaUrafiki wa Feza asblRDcongoBelgium
Ouma MaroothanadenIndirâh Events & CommunicationMauritiusFrance
Chantal KararaRwandan Diaspora in Belgium (DRB-RugariRwandaBelgium
Francis Akpomedaye Abutoh.Shakuma Fitness International NigeriaBelgium
Azubuike ErinughaTowncrier ProjectsNigeriaGermany
Michele IngabireBurundiBelgium
Jane UraAfrican Diaspora for Freedom of ReligionNigeriaBelgium
Claudine UmukaziRwandan Diaspora in BelgiumRwandaBelgium
Yentyl WilliamsACP Young Professionals Network (YPN) Belgium
Manzi BakuramutsaASBL Mpore & Centre Belgo-Africain d’Arts et des CulturesRwandaBelgium
Sammy SambuAssociation of Kenyan Diaspora in Belgium and LuxembourgKenyaBelgium
Alison KanezaIcompassion-Ubuntu asblBurundiBelgium
Collins NwekeNigerians in Diaspora Organisations Europe (NIDOE) &Global Change for AfricaNigeriaBelgium
Françoise MironkoCommunication ConsultantRwandaBelgium
Brigitte MukengeshayiAfrican Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE)DRCongoBelgium
Aimable Karirima NgarambeJournaliste at IgiheRwandaBelgium
Aline MwizerwaAccountant RwandaBelgium
Abdou LoAssociation of Senegalese Students in BelgiumSenegalBelgium
Chadia HezukuriFresh graduateBurundiBelgium
Amadou Gallo ThiamAssociation of Senegalese Students in BelgiumSenegalBelgium
Madeleine KambaNETEVE asblRwandaBelgium
Sandrine UwimbabaziRwandan Diaspora in Belgium (DRB-Rugari)RwandaBelgium
Sitiboye DiédhiouAssociation of Senegalese Students in BelgiumSenegalBelgium
Ali SineAssociation of Senegalese Students in BelgiumSenegalBelgium
Janvier-Regis HabimanaSenior IT ConsultantRwandaFrance
Abdoulaye FallAssociation of Senegalese Students in BelgiumSenegalBelgium
Moussa CisséAssociation of Senegalese Students in BelgiumSenegalBelgium
Moussa GueyeAssociation of Senegalese Students in BelgiumSenegalBelgium
Anne Sylvie  NgabehiMayera pour l’enfance asblIvory CostBelgium
Khadim SarrAssociation of Senegalese Students in BelgiumSenegalBelgium
Mamadou AthieAssociation of Senegalese Students in BelgiumSenegalBelgium/ France
Ingrid KamikaziConsultantBurundi United Kingdom
Lionelle Kingsley-BioBurundian Diaspora in the UKBurundiUnited Kingdom
Sybille KanezaConsultantBurundiUnited Kingdom
Barry OwinoModel Delegate InternationalKenyaBelgium
Martin KoyabeConsultantKenyaUnited Kingdom
Oliva KissakaNetEve asblTanzaniaBelgium
Lilian NaboraLilian Nabora Creative MediaTanzaniaBelgium
Rose DieterConsultant –KenyaAustria
Emmanuel ManongiCTATanzaniaBelgium
Mireille SchepersIntercultural Competence Consult  / I.C. ConsultRDcongoBelgium
Iliza NgendahimanaStudentRwandaSwizland 
ChristellePandanzylaRoots events NetworkRDcongoBelgium
Leah Njambi  Student                       KenyaGermany
Isaac Boadu               ConsultantGhanaBelgium
Vickie Wambura            NafisikaTrust FundKenyaUnited Kingdom
Guy-Serge Biteghe-Bi-NtougheConsultantGabonBelgium
Luce Gloria NishimweChantal Kamatari
Juliette Nijimbere
Michaele Bayowale Adekeye
Independent ArchitectCollectif  des femmes des femmes burundaises pour la paix et la sécuritéCollectif des femmes burundaises pour la paix et la sécurité Global Village WorldBurundi
Burundi Burundi  Nigeria
Belgium Belgium  Belgium
Yaina SamuelsCEO NuHi TrainingSierra LeoneBelgium
Peninah Achieng- KindbergAfrican Voices ForumKenyaUnited Kingdom
Teko AgbenouConsultantTogoBelgium
Sophie GitibaDiaspora InitiativesKenyaUnited Kingdom
Joseph NeneAssociation of Kenya diaspora in Belgium and LuxembourgKenyaBelgium
Maureen NdlovuSiyanda Development Trust ZimbabweUnited Kingdom

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