In the framework on the International Women Day 2018 African Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE), Women in Africa Initiative (WIA), Empow’Her NetworkFirefec Asbl, CADRE asbl, She Rocks-Women Success Agency and the Mwanamke Collectif Afroféministe Belge with the support of the commune of Saint-Josse joined forces to organize the 3rd edition of the SheSolidarity.
#SheSolidarity initiative created by ADNE aims at raising awareness on challenges faced by Diaspora Women and Migrant Women while creating the needed opportunity for them to meet with influential women and policy makers. It is also a platform to showcase their actions and contribution to home and host countries…

 This year edition consisted of a cultural event entitled: Women and Culture: How can Women in the Diaspora boost African Cultural radiance?
The event highlighted the impact of women of artistic and creative background in tackling the issues faced by women in Africa.  The speakers demonstrated how African Women are changing representations and empowering their fellow women in taking control of how they shape their image and future. It was a real proof that African women contribute to the change of mindset and narrative through cultural and creative expression- art, literaturecinemamusicdesignphotographyfashion etc. They are also active agents of development in this industry that create more 29 million jobs globally.
SheSolidarity 2018- African Women & Culture- Iwd2018
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