END OF #EYD2015:  Flash back on ADNE achievements during the European Year for Development

ADNE rightly recognized as a Development Actor

On December 9, 2015, the European Union and the Global development actors celebrated the end of 2015-European Year for Development (EYD2015). This was the first time that European Union dedicated a year to Development.

EYD2015 was enhanced by various events that aimed at raising awareness on the benefits of Development cooperation to both EU and Developing Countries.

ADNE was actively involved in the EYD2015 Campaign and has brought in an innovative power by bringing together African Diaspora in Europe and helping them to speak with a single voice on the issues of most interest to all development actors mainly EU and Africa. ADNE priority for this year was to raise public awareness of the important role of diaspora in the development of the countries of origin and in the economy of host countries.

On June 3rd, at the initiative of ADNE, for the first time, African Diaspora Organizations merged their efforts to participate in the European Development Days (EDD15).  The Lab session entitled “Culture and Development: How to leverage the benefits of culture for sustainable development?” organized by ADNE brought together 10 Organizations from African Diaspora Networks as well as European and International organizations such as UNESCO. The stakeholders jointly signed a Manifesto on Culture and Development. Find more about the Lab session here.

On the 6th and 7th October, ADNE organized, in Strasbourg, a meeting between a delegation of African Diaspora members and the Members of the European Parliament to discuss the issues of EU-Africa Partnership, Migration, Management of Natural resources and fiscal policies in Africa. The delegation consisted of the ADNE leadership along with diaspora from various organizations. They brought together the needed expertise for an engaging and meaningful discussion with Members of the European Parliament about the strategic approaches to address the target issues. This was the 1st time that Members of African Diaspora were invited to the European Parliament as recognized European citizens. Read more about this event here.

As part of the Valetta Summit on Migration in November, ADNE coordinated the drafting of a Joint Declaration of African Diaspora organizations. This Declaration was co-signed by 125 members of African Diaspora in Europe. Some of ADNE recommendations were taken into account by European and African leaders at this major summit and were reflected by the adopted Action Plan.

As part of the COP21, ADNE has written a position paper by which it called for a strong and binding agreement in Paris as well for climate justice. ADNE experts participated in different side event on the COP21. Discover ADNE position Paper for the COP21.

ADNE participated in various debates on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Financing for Development, Migration, Climate Change and the future of the relationship between EU and ACP countries after the expiration of the Cotonou Agreement in 2020. Find  out the interview of ADNE President with ECDPM on the Post-Cotonou: Podcast: The future of ACP-EU relations – The view of the African diaspora.

Apart from the Global Advocacy for Development ADNE supported African Diaspora Associations’ activities and helped many of them to access the right network and professionalize their events.

EYD2015 is over and ADNE is more committed than ever to encouraging and engaging all Africans in the diaspora in the building of a better future for Africa and Europe. ADNE will continue to strive for providing a platform for constructive dialogue, capacity building and knowledge sharing in order to empower African Diaspora in Europe and facilitate their endeavors for sustainable development of Africa.

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