Brussels 20th November 2017

With regard to the recent events of the smuggling and slavery of migrants in Libya, the board of the African Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE) and its entire members are deeply saddened by this barbaric act.

We reiterate our strong condemnation of these inhumane practices that recall the dark moments in the history of Humanity.

We are alarmed by the despondent call of hundreds of migrants that are abandoned to their own devices. Those children of Africa who are smuggled and continue to be exploited have taken the road to hell of clandestine migration due to profound despair created by inequalities, endemic unemployment and the lack of opportunities.

It is time for all development actors to walk the talk in the implementation of the sustainable development agenda focusing on providing equal opportunities for all to access education, employment and revenue-generating activities. It is urgent to step up the eradication of the root causes of irregular migration by creating an enabling environment for peace and security,  real economic growth, industrialisation and win win trade relationships allowing the populations to enjoy their right to development and prosperity. It is important to promote legal channels for migration and mobility to avoid further suffering.

The time for rhetoric has passed; we cannot close our eyes when young people who are the future of the African continent continue to needlessly face humiliation, torture and death.

We call on the Libyan authorities to respect the rule of law, stop smuggling, eradicate slavery and immediately end the suffering of hundreds of migrants in Libya.

We call upon the African Union and its Member States, the European Union and its Member States, the United Nations and entire international community to take immediate action to stop the dehumanisation of those migrants. We strongly urge all the concerned partners to step up efforts for effective investigation and prosecution of all migrant smugglers and traffickers and take appropriate and effective measures  to protect the victims of these barbaric acts.

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The board of the African Diaspora Network in Europe 

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